Sealed Box Subwoofer Enclosures

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Why are some subwoofers placed in sealed boxes?

Sealed Box Subwoofer Enclosures

There are three basic types of subwoofer enclosures sold commercially today:

• Sealed
• Ported
• Band Pass

As with most things, each type of subwoofer has its pros and cons. Sealed Boxes are the simplest design, being just a speaker mounted in an airtight box. A benefit to this design is that they tend to roll off slower in the deep bass than their Ported and Band pass cousins. Their main downfall is efficiency. All else being constant (amplifier power, speaker size, etc.), a sealed enclosure sub will require more than twice the amplifier wattage (and a speaker that can move more than twice as much air) to reach the loudness levels of a ported or band pass design. This type of subwoofer may need some type of crossover to block out the high frequency sounds.



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