Best Tower Speakers Ever?

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What is the best tower speaker?

Best Tower Speakers Ever?

About thirty years ago, a company called Ohm Acoustics gained popularity in the audiophile crowd for their Walsh Driver series of loudspeakers. Pioneered by Lincoln Walsh, the Walsh driver uses a very special inverted cone, which fires outward to produce very life-like sound. Their Model F from 1972 is one of the highest regarded tower speakers ever made. It has a small footprint, and projects an extremely wide, open soundstage.

Over the years, the model has been refined and, currently, the top of the line Walsh 5 Mk-2 is produced. The entire Walsh series is renowned for their imaging and soundstage, and what Ohm refers to as 'Full Room Stereo'. The fact that Ohm Acoustics still produces an ever-evolving line of Walsh driver speakers, and even upgrades older models is a testament to their dedication.



4/14/2009 6:19:05 AM
EN said:

This is far from the best tower speaker. Maybe one of the most unique, but when it comes to not in front of the line.


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