Speaker Drivers: Subwoofers

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What is a subwoofer?

Speaker Drivers: Subwoofers

Subwoofers are speakers which are designed to reproduce the very lowest frequencies of audible sound: about 16 Hz to 120 Hz. In a home theater, the subwoofer gives you that sense of realism. When Godzilla stomps Tokyo, you don't just hear it--you feel it! Because sub-bass sound waves range from 12 to over 50 feet wide, subwoofers are very sensitive to room placement. Some useful facts on the matter include:

• Size does matter: a big speaker cone moves large amounts of air and a little driver must move very far
• bigger cabinets can be more efficient with the same bass response
• For movie effects, most subwoofers sound best placed in corners
• For the transition to the woofer to be smooth in all listening locations, the subwoofer should be in between the two main speakers (or very close).



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