Surround Speaker Placement

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Where should I mount my surround speakers for the best sound?

Surround Speaker Placement

Successful surround sound speaker placement is very dependant on your home theater shape and layout. It may take some experimentation to find the best surround speaker location. Regardless, there are some guidelines to make it easier to get good result:

• Surround speakers should be mounted well above or below ear level (you want to be enveloped in the sound)
• Bipole are useful when you have to sit very close to them because you can aim the "null" axis at the listening area and bounce the main sound around before it gets to your ears
• Omnipole speakers are more forgiving of placement.
• If using direct radiating surround speakers, aim them into the back corners of the room (this will bounce the surround sound off the back walls and create a more diffuse surround field)



3/20/2007 8:10:32 PM said:

i think you mean to say "Dipoles are useful..." (they have a "null").


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