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Why would I mount speakers in my ceiling?

In Ceiling Speakers - The Good News

Ceiling mounted speakers gained popularity in the 20's and 30's for use in department stores and theater lobbies. Their main benefit is inconspicuousness (mounted in a ceiling, only the speaker grille is visible from below, and it's usually painted to match the ceiling which masks from view).

Today, many people utilize in ceiling speakers to accomplish whole-house audio and intercom systems. Having your speakers mounted in the ceilings, out of the way, frees up valuable floor space and makes your audio system virtually invisible.

Is there a downside to mounting in-ceiling speakers?

In Ceiling Speakers - The Bad News

Ceiling mounted speakers are great for some applications. However, if you are a true audiophile, you will find some shortcomings. Once they are installed, in ceiling speakers cannot be moved without major work. Also, it's nearly impossible to have a pair of ceiling speakers provide accurate soundstage and imaging compared to properly configured tower or book shelf speakers. If your main concern is getting music into a room, and you are not concerned with these issues, a good in ceiling speaker may fit your needs.

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