You Might Be An Audiophile

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I think I might be an audiophile; what should I do?

You Might Be An Audiophile

Once bitten by the 'audio bug', it's hard to go back. You strive to recreate music in your home that embodies the spirit of the original recording. An audiophile's dream is to close their eyes, open their ears, and be transported back to the point in time when that music was created. The audiophile will try 10 different speaker wires just to try for that last 1 % of realism.

Do you have an addiction to vintage tube equipment? Do your speakers cost more than your car? If this sounds like you, you might be an audiophile. Fear not, however, you are definitely no alone. In fact, there are many online communities which cater to your affliction where you can find support and get new ideas for the next big upgrade.



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