Caring for Real-Wood Cabinets

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What's the best way clean my wood veneered speakers?

Caring for Real-Wood Cabinets

Many high-end speakers are finished in real-wood veneer (similar to the type found on some furniture). Real wood veneer should be treated carefully as it can stain and be scratched easily.

The best way to keep your real wood veneered speakers looking new is not use them as plant stands or coasters! Water marks and other stains can be removed, but the process is a bit involved and time consuming. If you keep your speakers polished with a good old-school paste wax (like Butcher's), it will give the speakers more resistance to moisture. Small scratches can be removed with very fine steel wool, and careful application of a wood dye pen. Taking proper care of your real-wood veneered speakers can keep them looking new for a long time.



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