Horn Tweeters

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What is a Horn tweeter?

Horn Tweeters

Horn tweeters put a different spin on things. By using a compression driver mounted to the throat of a horn, these types of tweeter have very high efficiency compared to cone or dome speakers.

The horn tweeter is a sophisticated system. Within the compression driver of this tweeter there is a diaphragm constructed of either resin or metal (such as titanium or aluminum). This diaphragm vibrates at a very high speed and funnels its output into the mouth of the horn. As the horn flares out, it focuses the sound waves creating a uniform wave front which makes for a very efficient tweeter. Horn tweeters approach 100dB in efficiency (most other tweeter types hover between 87 and 94dB). Horn tweeters dominated the early "tube" days of music reproduction and they continue to dominate the sound reinforcement segment.



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