The DIY Mentality

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How hard is it to build your own speakers?

The DIY Mentality

Why would you want to build your own speakers, when you can drive down to the mall, and walk out with an entire home theater speaker system in less than an hour?
There are many things in life that are worth purchasing pre-manufactured (as they are too complicated and in-depth to assemble without proper training)—speaker enclosures are not one of these things.

Speaker enclosure design isn't brain surgery, with a little skill and the right tools you can build you own in no time. If you do choose to build a speaker enclosure yourself there are many benefits:

• It's cheaper than buying a pre-manufactured speaker enclosure
• You can be sure that high-quality parts are used
• You can custom-tailor your speaker enclosure
• There's a certain satisfaction in building something yourself

Why buy a pre-made enclosure when building one is simple and less costly?



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