Tools Of The Trade

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What tools do I need to build my own speakers?

Tools Of The Trade

So you've decided to try your hand at speaker enclosure design, but are unsure about which tools you will need? A modest carpentry tool kit will be a good start, but, to achieve truly professional results, you might want to look into:

• a decent table saw
• various clamps
• a router table

The table saw will ensure perfectly straight cuts (you'll be able to construct more complex, precise speaker box designs). A good selection of clamps will allow you to construct speaker cabinets with only glue, instead of screws (many audiophiles believe a glued-together speaker enclosure is better damped than one which is assembled with screws or nails). With a router table (or a common rotary tool), you'll make short work of cutting speaker mounting holes. Routers also allow you to build a speaker box with rounded edges, or dado joints. Using the perfect tools will allow you to get the job done right.



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