Accidents Happen

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Is it possible to repair speakers yourself?

Accidents Happen

Time, water, sunlight, humidity, pets, and children can all take a toll on speakers. Ideally, the original manufacturer will be concerned about the longevity of their speakers' performance quality and agree to repair or replace damaged speakers. How long a manufacturer supports his products gives you a good indication of their concern for quality.

If you are the least bit mechanically inclined, you can perform a little home surgery and do you own speaker repair. It's next to impossible to find a 'speaker repairman' but, with a little online exploration, you can learn how to:

• replace a blown tweeter or woofer
• repair rips in paper cone speakers
• replace rotten foam or rubber surrounds
• refinish or build your own speaker cabinets

*Many companies sell speaker repair kits to handle these types of jobs and even have online tutorials to help you along the way.



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