Repairing a Ripped Speaker Cone

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How can I fix a ripped speaker cone?

Repairing a Ripped Speaker Cone

If you have a pair of speakers that have a rip or small tear in the paper material of the speaker cone you can repair it with a little watered down Elmer's glue and some tissue paper:

• Cut or tear the tissue paper so into pieces a little bigger than the tear
• Soak the pieces in the diluted Elmer's glue
• Apply pieces, one at a time, over the tear
• Let each patch get tacky then, apply a second layer
• Repeat until you have applied three to five layers on each side of the cone
• Let dry overnight

You may have to play with the glue mixture and application to get it right, so experiment on a dead speaker, if possible, before going prime time.

* This trick only works on woofers with paper cones, but can save a pair of speakers.



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